How is Lagree Fitness different from Pilates?

There are several major differences between Pilates and the Lagree Fitness Method. First, they use different types of machines. While they may look a little similar, they have different features that are designed for different functionalities. The workouts are also distinct. Pilates features faster movements that get your core muscles working. In the Lagree Fitness Method, different muscle groups are targeted at the same time through slower, tensed movements.

How do I purchase sessions?

There are two ways to purchase sessions. You can reserve and pay for your session online through our website, or you can also walk in to the studio to pay upfront. If you do decide to walk in, you will still need to register online to get your class credits. If you need assistance, our studio receptionist will be happy to help you.

How often should I train?

For maximum results, we recommend showing at the studio at least three times a week.

How early should I come to class?

For beginners, it is best to come 15 minutes before the class so you can be oriented on how to use the Megaformer machine. Otherwise, it should be enough to come five to 10 minutes before the class starts.

How long does each class last?

Each class lasts for 45 minutes.

What should I wear and bring to class?

Wear light and comfortable workout clothes. Grip socks are required for hygiene and safety purposes. We expect you to sweat, so towels are provided. We also don’t recommend wearing jewelry during workout. There are lockers in the studio for you to put your valuables in.

Are children allowed in the studio?

We want to provide the best possible fitness experience to anyone who comes into our studio. Unfortunately, not everyone is comfortable or able to focus with active children around. We highly encourage guests to refrain from bringing their kids inside the training room. However, they may wait at the lobby entrance accompanied by a guardian. You may request for coloring materials from the receptionist to keep them entertained.

What other benefits can members get?

We have free coffee for all members, but please bring your own tumbler.