Aerol Dy

Carla Piscoso

“Find your intention and use that as motivation to reach your fitness goals. You don’t have to go extreme, just be consistent. You can start by working to become the best version of yourself, inside and out! Power through!”

Celine Encarnacion

Get comfortable with the uncomfortable. That’s your body and mind growing and learning. Whether trying to set a higher personal record or trying a new class, anything new or challenging can be intimidating. Take it as an opportunity to better yourself. You only grow out of your comfort zone. Welcome the challenge head, heart, and grit on!

Ethan Lim

Jai Lawan

Its never too late to start! Set your goals, keep yourself motivated, and go at your own pace. Keep trying, keep pushing. A little progress is better than no progress at all.

Jan Cerezo

Practice makes progress! Start by writing down something you want to achieve (lose weight, get abs, etc.) then list down at least ten things you have to do to achieve that goal. Whenever you feel like quitting, look back at your old photos and videos to remind you of how far you've come!

Kath Serrano

Master Trainer Mikael Padilla

Sarah So

The body achieves what the mind believes. Learn the basics: the proper form, the right muscle to activate, do the exercises safely and effectively. As long as you commit to your goals, everyone will see the result that you want to see!

Will Devaughn

Co-founder/Master Trainer

“Every workout isn’t--and shouldn’t be--easy, but it will be all worth it when you see and feel the transformation. Getting fit starts with goal setting. Write down three ways your life will be better if you achieve your fitness goals. Then, enjoy your fitness journey, and the new confidence you build will help carry you every day of your life.”